Recordings – Wellness Workshops

View past recordings of YouthWell Wellness Workshops. When you click on the recording page, you will find a description of the workshop and a link to our YouTube channel.

For youth, parents, and those working with youth. Designed to empower participants by providing tools that promote connection, wellness, and self-care in order to build resilience so they are better equipped to cope with stress & challenging situations.

  1. Understanding youth substance use and addiction
  2. Develop your communication style to increase connection
  3. Cultivate resilience & find flow in sports & in life
  4. Navigate your mental health
  5. Wellness tips • Reboot, Refresh, Restore
  6. Power of Movement & Breathing
  7. Food affects our mood
  8. Strategies to manage anxiety & build relationships
  9. Body positive & understanding eating disorders
  10. Building healthy relationships, understanding consent, and reporting sexual assault.
  11. Compassionate & mindful listening
  12. Keep Our Kids Safe: Prevent Human Trafficking in SB County
  13. Meaningful volunteer opportunities in Santa Barbara County