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How can we support you? Please share your experiences and your ideas of how we can continue as a community to improve to support youth and their families struggling with mental health. You can also call 805.448.2426.

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We want to include any organizations that are providing mental health and wellness services and programs for youth and their families in the Youth and Family Mental Health and Wellness Resource Directory. This includes clinicians, school districts, etc.

  1. Add your organization to the directory by first creating or registering a (user) account with WordPress.
  2. You will receive a confirmation in your email (check your spam folder) that will ask you to set-up a password.
  3. Now you can login to your user account and you can add your listing.
    If you already have a user account, then login to edit or add your listing.
    *You will see an EDIT link next to your listing if you are logged in.
  4. If you forget your password, you can reset your password on this page by clicking the link below the directory form.
  5. Email us at if you have questions.
  6. Partners can also find more support at

If you are an INDEPENDENT CLINICIAN that would like to be added to the Resource Directory, please complete our clinician form >

Remember to add KEYWORDS to make it easer to SEARCH...

The Community Calendar is meant to make it easier for youth and parents to find support groups, educational workshops and trainings.

All you have to do is ADD it to your own calendar and then share it with us...

  1. First, create your event on your orgs or your personal Google Calendar
  2. Add as a "GUEST" who can modify the event.
    This allows us to add to the master calendar and it allows you to make updates as needed.
  3. Make sure you put a registration/contact link in the notes/description field.
  4. You can also create "REPEAT" events. Just be sure to edit if anything changes and put an end date.

Every week, YouthWell works to promote our partners on our social media and in our monthly newsletters!

Complete Form > so we can spotlight your organization or a specific program in either YouthWell's  Wed Stories or Fri Feature.

Complete Form > so we can spotlight an individual from your organization or another individual that you think should be recognized in YouthWell's Tuesday Testimonials.

Email with any questions or to send photos.