Our Mental Health Matters


Provide a countywide campaign directed at youth, families, and those working with youth with the goal of eliminating the stigma around mental health. We want to encourage youth and adults to...
[1] Make self-care a priority in their daily lives. 
[2] Seek help when they need it and remember that IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK.
[3] Show compassion when someone is struggling with a mental health challenge. Treat mental health challenges with the same respect and care we show someone with a physical illness or injury.

Self Care Giveaway

Help us spread the message that "our mental health matters". It is easy to win and you can participate as often as you want! Interact with YouthWell's social media and be entered to win a prize for two! Our messaging is meant to educate on mental health and provide tips for practicing self-care.


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Each month [JULY 2023 - JUNE 2024], winners get to pick 1 of the 3 prizes which change every month!

Thank you... Blenders • Birkholm's Bakery • Hook & Press • Lompoc Museum • Metropolitan Theater • Mission St Ice Cream • SB Natural History Museum • OstrichLand • PCPA Theatre • SB ZOO • Santa Ynez Historical Museum • SB Sea Center • Shop Kitchen • Southside Coffee • Tondi Gelato

Our Outreach


YouthWell is excited to publish a 52-week wellness journal designed by staff and student interns. The journal is for teens and adults with only 1 page to complete each week. It is filled with great prompts to explore different parts of yourself and your life. FILL OUT FORM to ORDER A JOURNAL > or contact Info@youthwell.org ($10/each). (Pay with credit card >)

Journaling is a tool for managing your mental health. It can help to identify what is causing stress and provide insight for managing challenges in your life. Create a routine of setting aside time each day to check-in, reflect, and answer the prompts. Feel free to skip around or go in order. Keep it simple. There are no right or wrong answers. Show self-compassion. Before you start, take a few deep wellness breaths to calm your mind and body.


If you are interested in a Practice Kindness T-Shirt [$20 each] for yourself or for your staff, please contact us. You can view a list of colors, sizes and styles >

school websites

WORKING WITH SCHOOLS TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION... Ideas for school, district, and SBCEO website for educating parents, youth, and teachers about existing programs on school campuses and in the community.


campaign calendar

Join us in messaging out to our community and on our school campuses...

Stress Less - Reduce stress by developing coping skills and practicing self-care!

Healthy Relationships & Friendships

Self-Care is important for your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Embrace Your Voice - Speak your truth and support others in raising their voices. Amplify authenticity!

Mental Health Matters - Mental Health Awareness Month




You Matter - Suicide awareness month

Be and Upstander - Stand up for others, speak out against bullying.

Gratitude is an Attitude - When we take time to be grateful, we can rewire our brain for positivity.

Be the Change you wish to see in the world. Get involved in your community and volunteer.

rack cards & posters

4x9 double-sided community rack cards in both English and Spanish with resource information and fun tools for practicing self-care. The goal is to remind everyone that OUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS and that IT IS OK TO ASK FOR HELP. It is scary for parents and youth when someone starts to struggle with a mental health challenge and overwhelming when you are trying to understand how to navigate resources. 


airport ads

Next time you are in departures at the airport, check out the TV screens to see the ads promoting self-care.

When you get to the top of the escalator before you go through security... 

library display

Thank you to the Santa Barbara Public Library for featuring YouthWell.

bus ads

social media

Participate in our social media campaign.

We hope you will be part of our campaign for Santa Barbara County. We want to show the many faces in our community that support the message... "OUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS".  Every Thurs we will post different messages around wellness on our social media and we'll include different faces from throughout SB County.


Any community members (youth and adults) are invited to participate in our campaign. Just share your photo and message that we can use in our social media posts. If you have questions, EMAIL outreach@youthwell.org

  • STEP 1 - FILL OUT THE FORM... It will take 5 MIN to fill out.
  • STEP 2 - SEND A PHOTO... You can either have someone take the photo of you OR if you have a smartphone: set self-timer and reverse camera to take the pic and email it to us at outreach@youthwell.org
    • Use a blank 8.5” X 11” white piece of printer paper
    • Take a photo from your hips up. Stand in front of a simple background or choose a background that is reflective of you. (ie: at school, work, outside, etc)
    • Hold up a 8.5” X 11” white piece of paper in front of you below the chin and in front of the chest.
    • Students under 18 years, please have your parent/caregiver print and sign a PHOTO RELEASE.


Non profits, businesses, schools, groups... Our hope is to get GROUP PHOTOS from some of our partners with a minimum of 5 people. We will have these coincide with national messages around mental health. We would work with you on a message from your team (SAMPLE BELOW). Contact us if you would like to participate, outreach@youthwell.org.

  • STEP 1 - FILL OUT THE FORM... It will take 5 MIN to fill out.
  • STEP 2 - SEND A PHOTO...
    • Use a large BLANK poster paper to hold up. (We will put your message in digitally.)
    • Use a simple background. You can take the photo with your iPhone.


Non profits, businesses, schools, groups, we invite you to use one of our 4 templates for your own social media posts. View & download Canva Template >>

school banners


Schools (K-12), consider hanging a banner on your campus. The goal is to remind students to ask for help at any time. They don’t need to be in crisis. This also gives students and staff a place to go to find resources in Santa Barbara County for ages 0-25.

Below are examples of banner styles [sizes: 2.5x4, 4x6, 2.5x6]. Schools have the option to use their school colors for the banner. We can personalize it with photos of your students, staff, or clients or use stock photos. Schools can decide whether they want to use students on campus for the photo instead of stock images. (Possibly a leadership class or students doing a club on campus around mental health?) **Another option is to do a banner focused on the importance of practicing self care.

Contact Outreach@YouthWell.org if you have questions.
View letter to schools >
Click here to REQUEST A BANNER >

table hosting

We love the opportunity to connect with parents and youth in the community. Stop by our table and pick up resource rack cards, journals, and stickers for your water bottle.

community sites

We invite organizations and schools to include this information on their websites or in their newsletters to educate families about mental health resources in Santa Barbara County.