No one should suffer in silence.

YouthWell is focused on improving prevention, education, and early intervention outreach in Santa Barbara County, in order to connect youth, ages 12-25, and their families to mental health supports before the crisis. We are committed to mobilizing community stakeholders, service providers, schools, and caregivers, in order to create a coordinated and comprehensive care response system.


Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for young people, ages 10-24 [CDC]


20% of all youth, ages 13-18, live with a mental health condition


50% all adults with a mental illness experienced symptoms by age 14 and 75% by age 24


90% of individuals who die by suicide had an underlying mental illness

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PHASE 1 • 2016-2017

Convene community stakeholders and begin the discussion in order to identify the gaps in youth mental health resources and services.

PHASE 2 • 2017-2018

Create leadership and committees to begin working more strategically by creating initiatives, mapping out the issues and looking for improved outcomes. Begin to research funding opportunities for coordinated youth mental health services.

PHASE 3 • 2018-2020

Work as a collective to implement systemic change in youth mental health care. Increase awareness and understanding through a public education campaign. Provide education and professional development. Leverage resources on school campuses.