No one should suffer in silence.

One of the biggest reasons people don't seek help or support when they are struggling with a mental health challenge is because of the stigma and shame associated with it. YouthWell focuses on education, support, prevention, and early intervention, connecting youth and families to mental health and wellness resources before the crisis. YouthWell seeks to simplify access to mental health and wellness resources for youth ages 10-25 and their families, making solid connections through warm handoffs.

our work in action

The YouthWell Partner Collaborative has 40+ community stakeholders that meet quarterly. Partners include local school districts, mental health providers, medical community, and law enforcement. We involve parents and youth in order to learn and better understand the issues. View STATS to understand the need •  VIEW OUR PROGRAMS >


youth mental health & wellness resource flyers distributed annually to 5 school districts & local providers since 2018.


parents, educators, providers, and community members attended 7 youth mental health speaker workshops in 2018-2020 hosted by YouthWell in partnership with Deckers. In addition, more than 600 attended our  seven 2020 virtual quaranTEEN Workshops.


parents, educators, and providers were certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid (29 classes) in 2019-2020 through a partnership with Family Service Agency, Mental Wellness Center and YouthWell in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Lompoc, and Santa Maria.


providers & school administrators attended a YouthWell partners workshop in an effort to strengthen partner connections and enable stronger student referrals 

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How can we support you? Please share your experiences and your ideas of how we can continue as a community to improve to support youth and their families struggling with mental health. 

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