Wellness Workshops

Free virtual wellness workshops held throughout the year provide a platform for students (10-25), parents, and those working with youth to learn tools and tips for managing their mental wellness and practicing self-care in order to build resilience so they are better equipped to cope with stress and challenging situations. Spanish interpretation provided.

2022-2023 VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS 4:30pm-6pm

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YouthWell can customize a workshop or training for your audience whether it is youth, parents and caregivers, community members, or providers.

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Join the movement in Santa Barbara County to strengthen our community. Because we can all be more aware and more informed. #BeTheDifferenceSB

Youth Mental Health First Aid is a comprehensive training specifically designed to equip educators, family members, and caregivers (18 years or older) with the skills and knowledge to identify, understand, and respond to the signs or risk factors of mental illness and substance use disorders in youth. Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis.

REGISTER: Youth Mental Health First Aid is FREE and is offered monthly throughout Santa Barbara County. SIGN UP early because courses will fill up. Let us know if you would like to coordinate a private class for 20 people to train in your organization, church, or group. The course is available in English. The virtual course will be offered in Spanish in 2022. Hosted by Mental Wellness Center, FSA, and YouthWell. Questions? Email educationmwc@gmail.com

overview of past workshops

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1. Understanding Youth Substance Use

2. Develop your communication style to increase connection

3. Cultivating resilience and finding flow in sports and in life

4. Navigating your mental health, practicing self-care, accessing services

5. Body Positive, Our body image can impact our mental health.

6. Building healthy relationships/friendships and understanding consent

7. Learn about meaningful volunteering opportunities in SB County and how it benefits your mental health

8. Simple strategies to manage anxiety and build relationships

9. Compassionate and Mindful Listening

10. Food affects our mental health and how we feel

11. Wellness tips for families - Reboot. Restore. Replenish.

12. Keep Our Kids Safe: Prevent Human Trafficking in SB County