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YouthWell focuses on education with FREE monthly VIRTUAL workshops for youth, parents (caregivers), and those working with youth in Santa Barbara County, in order to eliminate stigma, open up conversations about teen mental health today and connect families to resources. Workshops are designed to empower parents and youth with a strength-based approach providing tools that promote connection, wellness and self-care in order to build resilience so that we are all better equipped to cope with stress and challenging situations. *Spanish interpretation is provided.

CALENDAR 2021-2022: OCT 24, NOV 14, DEC 5, JAN 9, FEB 6, MAR 13
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4:30PM - 6:00PM • Virtual Wellness Workshop

Sun, OCT 24th

Building healthy relationships can improve mental health

Students (ages 12-25), parents, and teachers, and those working with youth will learn from speakers tips for building healthy relationships and how to set boundaries. Learn to recognize when a friendship may be toxic or unhealthy.

Learn how to support a friend or your child who has been sexually assaulted. Learn what consent means, how to report sexual assault, and available resources in Santa Barbara County.

Panelists include... DVS, UCSB, STESA, Pacific Pride, North County Rape Crisis Center, Planned Parenthood

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Meaningful Volunteering - NonProfit Panel
PRINT HANDOUT: 2021-2022 Volunteer Opportunities

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Build Relationships • Manage Anxiety

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Understanding Youth Substance Use

Wellness For Families in 2021

Nutrition, Mood, and the Brain

Power of Movement & Breathing

Navigating Your Mental Health

4:30PM - 6:00PM • Virtual Wellness Workshop

Sun, NOV 14th

body positive
our body image can influence our mental health

  • Students (ages 10-25), parents, and teachers, and those working with youth will learn from TEDx speaker, Jenny Schatzle how body neutrality can transform our self-image, improve self-esteem, and she will share tools on how to eliminate negative messages.
  • Local leader, Jordan Killebrew and college student, Caroline Anderson will share their experiences of overcoming an eating disorder.
  • Dietician Nutritionist, Heather Lengyel, will explain disordered eating, warnings signs, and how to support someone with an eating disorder.
  • Let's change the conversation together!

ABOUT JENNY SCHATZLE... She is a speaker, blogger, two-time TEDx talk, part-owner of Bond Fitness, mom to twin girls and author of Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from the Story that's Holding You Back!  "My biggest challenge was believing in who I was, my worth and my talent. And what I found out very quickly was my greatest talent is being authentically me! We all have a superpower and that power is being exactly who we are! No one else can be you and that is a powerful. You can’t get from other people what you don’t have ourselves so respect, love and acceptance, those are things that can only come from one place YOU!"

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