Our Mission

Connect youth, ages 12-25, and their families to mental health supports before the crisis. Mobilize community stakeholders, service providers, schools, and caregivers to establish priorities and set goals, in order to create a coordinated and comprehensive system of care focused on early intervention, prevention and education. [view our committees]

Goals • History • Accomplishments

The YouthWell Coalition formed in June 2016 with key community stakeholders coming together to start the discussion and address the mental health gaps in services for students and their families in Southern Santa Barbara County.

Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is a working draft and a result of the work that was done the past two years, 2016-2018, during Phase 1 and 2 and has involved input from many of the key stakeholders committed to supporting youth mental wellness. It will be revised and adapted by the Coalition Committees. This is an aggressive 3-year strategic plan designed to make an impact on youth mental health. It will require a strong coordination of efforts amongst each committee and its members.

YouthWell will address each initiative with these questions... Does the strategy mesh with existing ones in the community? Does the strategy reflect goals and objectives of the coalition? Do the initiatives represent a best or promising practice? Is the strategy culturally appropriate? What barriers may stand in the way of carrying out this strategy? Is the strategy cost-effective? How will success be measured and evaluated?