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One of the biggest reasons people don't seek help or support when they are struggling with a mental health challenge is because of the stigma and shame associated with it. Help us change that by increasing education and providing tools.


[PARENT] “I was blown away by the workshop yesterday. Thank you for your genuine soul and brilliant wisdom. You and Dave moved so many of us yesterday. We were all laughing, connecting, and most importantly learning some new skills to help with - how to better listen. We all want and desire connection. You made it seem possible that I could talk with my daughters without the eye roll and I can't wait to try. Thank you for your care and for touching me so much. I'm looking forward to putting my new found skills into practice.”

[STUDENT] “The last few months have felt really lonely at times, but taking time to connect with others helps and makes you realize how much we all have in common with each other. Learning about mental health has made me a more compassionate person and I feel prepared to help others who are struggling and to help myself.”  ~S.R.

[STUDENT] “Thanks to the workshops, I have learned how I can take care of myself and prioritize my mental wellness during these changing times. I have learned how to take care of my body inside and out and learned how I can help others who may be struggling. I think mental health education is important, especially to students and people my age, because we need to know how to help ourselves, how to get help if we are struggling, and how to maintain a positive state of well being.”  ~G.P.

[COMMUNITY PARTNER] "The Collaborative continues to benefit Hospice of Santa Barbara. It is the only meeting where all leaders (executive and program directors) come together to share and coordinate mental health services for youth in the community and in our schools. Truly valuable in my busy calendar and should be for everyone at the table."   ~David Selberg, CEO, Hospice of Santa Barbara

[SCHOOL PARTNER] “I wanted to reach out to thank you for your incredible resources and work on behalf of our young people in town. Years ago, seeing the same need for a resource guide, our school counselor created a similar guide for us, however, it was limited in scope and the effort required to keep it up-to-date became onerous. I visited your site briefly, and for the first time as a principal, I feel that I have the ability to send desperate families to a thorough, well-curated resource. What a relief!”  ~Elementary School Principal

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