Serenity Counseling and Psychological Services

Mental health professionals at Serenity Counseling and Psychological Services perform mental health assessments and marriage and family counseling.

Levels of Care
prevention & wellness, treatment & intervention (mild to moderate)
Counseling Services
therapists, psychologists
Youth Treatment Services
assessments, screening, evaluation, ACE's
Overview of Programs & Services

Dr. Laura Beltran and Julia K. Reynoso, LMFT are healthcare providers with special training and skill in interviewing and diagnosing clients, then counseling them and treating any mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage and family. Marriage & Family Therapists at Serenity Counseling And Psychological Services perform counseling and emotional support to help families navigate relationship and behavioral issues, while seeking to secure a long-term solution to mental and emotional disorders and a wide variety of relationship issues.

Fee for Services
Fee for services.
Santa Maria & Guadalupe
1103 East Clark Avenue Suite C
Santa Maria, CA 93455
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Organization Type
independent private practice