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Online counseling can be referred to as e-therapy, e-coaching, e-counseling, teletherapy or cyber-counseling.  Rather than going into an office setting, a therapist, counselor or coach provides counseling advice and support via your computer with video conferencing or your mobile device.

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Free 24/7 CRISIS TEXT Line

USC Telehealth

  • A completely virtual counseling and therapy clinic that uses the latest online and video technologies to serve a diverse set of clients including adults, children, couples, families, and military personnel. Providing services throughout California
  • Covered by most major insurance.
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  • Book an appointment with one of their licensed therapists or
    psychiatrists. Meet with them through your computer or smart phone.
  • Breakthrough offers free online assessments that you can take to learn about your mental health symptoms and potential conditions.
  • Breakthrough does not offer crisis counseling or emergency services.
  • Fees vary by therapist.
  • List of CA therapists >
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Ginger.IO Phone App

  • All-in-one care for stress, anxiety, and depression. offers personalized care plans with chat-based coaching, proactive check-ins, video sessions with therapists, and self-care tools—all through your phone.
  • GingerCare Membership costs $129 per month.
    GingerCare & Therapy membership* costs $249 per month.
    GingerCare & Psychiatry membership* costs $349 per month.
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