Benefits of support groups

Benefits of support groups...

  • Connect with others that share a common experience.
  • Feel less lonely or isolated.
  • Feel less shame and judgment.
  • Reduce depression, anxiety, or fatigue
  • Opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your feelings and experience.
  • Learn new tools and skills to cope with the challenges.
  • Stay motivated to manage treatment plans or processes.
  • Feel empowered to overcome and manage the issue.
  • Feel a sense of hope.
  • Improve your understanding which helps manage your expectations.
  • Receive practical and helpful feedback.
  • Can provide emotional support. Support groups do not replace therapy.

Structure of support groups...

  • In-person or online
  • Peer support or Moderated by a facilitator
  • Open group or Closed group

Questions to consider when joining...

  • Is there a facilitator or moderator?
    Has the facilitator undergone training?
    Is a mental health expert involved with the group?
  • What are the guidelines for confidentiality?
    Are there established ground rules for group participation?
  • Is this an ongoing drop-in group or does it run for a set period of time?
    What days/times does it meet?
  • What is the makeup of other members of the group?
  • Is there a fee to attend the group?
  • What is a typical meeting like?
  • Is it free, and if not, what are the fees?