Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley

Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley

Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley's mission is: "To partner with members of the community to achieve resiliency against substance use, reductions in violence, and promote a healthy and safe environment for our youth and families." We do this by establishing relationships not only with the youth and families we work with but also all our community stakeholders.

Santa Maria & Guadalupe

Check Connect & Respect:
Truancy Prevention Program primarily focused on assisting elementary and junior high students with a goal of encouraging students to understand the importance of staying in school and completing their education

Student Attendance Review Board:
Community based multidisciplinary team that aims to bring together multiple resources to assist families with
attendance, truancy, and behavior issues so that students will stay in school, attend school regularly, and graduate.

Foundations for Success:
Case management and direct intervention program that targets students in foster care/probation. In this program specialist team up with students and their shareholders to encourage school attendance, school involvement, set up and assist with academic goals, and help with the overall achievement of high school graduation.

Students in Transition:
Targets students in transitional housing statuses. Our Program Specialists will work directly with the student in assessing their specific needs during their transition. Whether it be educational assistance such as enrollment, tutoring, and transportation; or personal assistance with social services or mental health.

Youth and Young Adult Homeless Services:
FBSMV homeless prevention and intervention program works collaboratively to find and assist youth and TAY (ages 18-24) youth adults who are unsheltered and connects them to emergency shelters, housing and long-term case management services. FBSMV also provide case management services to 4 TAY youth adults in a permanent supportive housing home located in Santa Maria.

Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE):
As the TUPE Coordinator for Santa Barbara County, we assist 20 school districts and charter schools in developing capacity and building sustainability into their existing TUPE programs and activities.

Cannabis Education:
In partnership with Santa Barbara County juvenile probation, we provide cannabis education classes to youth who receive cannabis citations through law enforcement or campus security officers.

STD Prevention and Education:
The STD Prevention and Education program services homeless, females of childbearing age (12-44), youth (high school and junior high), and incarcerated youth (juvenile hall) within the Santa Maria Valley.

Trust and Verify:
Drug test screenings are available in our office for a small fee. Encourages children to live a drug-free lifestyle, and offers further help for those who may need it.

Parent Education Classes:
For parents with children 0-18 years old. Classes include Parent Project, Nurturing Skills for Families, and Strengthening Families Program. All classes focus on age appropriate issues, including child development, discipline, communication between parent and child, and youth influences.

Community Resiliency Model (CRM)Trainers:
As certified trainers in CRM we provide trainings through Santa Barbara County to community agencies such as schools, county providers, community health clinics, community organizations, etc.

Levels of Care
prevention & wellness, treatment & intervention (mild to moderate), advocacy
Youth Treatment Specialties & Programs
substance use, addiction, drug testing, detox
Targeted Youth Populations
undocumented families, transitional age youth (TAY)
Wellness Programs for Youth
mentoring, youth leadership development
Parent & Caregiver Resources
parenting classes
School-Based Services & Programs
K-6, junior high, high school
Services for undocumented Individuals provided?
Fee for Services
FREE services.
Provide transportation.
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