Family Therapy Institute of SB

Family Therapy Institute of SB
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For the past 30+ years, FTI has provided affordable counseling on a sliding scale fee basis for individual, couples, families, and children in Santa Barbara County. Our mission is to make families of all incomes, ethnic backgrounds, and sizes, safe, healthy and loving environments for children, and to teach adults skills of communication and conflict resolution to make their relationships more productive and satisfying.
Levels of Care
prevention & wellness, treatment & intervention
Counseling Services
therapists, psychologists, associate (intern) therapists
Waiting List
Overview of Programs & Services

LOW COST CLINIC: High quality services are provided to low income families by interns in our advanced training program. The current fee range is between $30-75./session.

List of therapists...

  • Debra Manchester, LCSW, Executive Director
  • Don MacMannis, Ph.D., Psychologist, Clinical Director
  • Debbie Allen, LCSW, DCSW
  • Michael Dunn, MFT
  • Katie Karas, MFT
  • Richard Kravetz, MFT
  • Michael Madden, MFT
  • William Peters, MFT
  • Beth Weinberg, MFT
  • Deborah Harkin, Ph.D., MFT
  • Thery Jenkins, MFT
  • Kelly Hyatt, MFT
  • Cindy Mayer, MFT
  • Karyn Noel, APCC, AMFT
  • Kristina Radnoti, LPC
  • Ana Leyva, Intern (Spanish Speaking)
  • Stuart Light, MFT Independent Consultant
Fee for Services
Fee for services., Offer sliding-scale., Accept select insurance providers.
Carpinteria, Santa Barbara-Goleta
111 East Arrellaga Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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Organization Type
private: group practice