Dragonfly Warriors

Dragonfly Warriors

Making Communities a Better Place to Live in! Dragonfly Warriors is a multicultural and community-based volunteer organization with an active presence in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. We are dedicated to building healthier relationships, families, and communities which are free from all kinds of sexual, domestic as well as interpersonal violence. With our five distinct departments, we deliver services of emergency, intervention, prevention, education and advocacy in order to achieve our mission of a violence-free society. 

Carpinteria, Santa Barbara-Goleta, Santa Maria & Guadalupe

In an effort to bring the desired change, we have adopted a hands-on approach for social change through education, prevention and intervention. We are dedicated to the cause of empowering women and youth. We don’t just make you aware about the problems but also provide you with ways to fight it and come out stronger.

Dragonfly Warriors Hotline… Our Emergency Services offer victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and intimate partner stalking emotional support, information, compassion, accompaniment, referral and advocacy services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our primary mission is to assist victims who experience or are threatened with domestic violence and spread awareness about violence prevention in the community. To help us accomplish our mission, we have a strong team of compassionate professionals who provide crisis intervention services as well as violence prevention education. In addition, we offer counseling, support and guidance to domestic violence survivors and their children to help them embrace life, once again.

Levels of Care
prevention & wellness, crisis response & hotlines, recovery & aftercare, advocacy
Youth Treatment Specialties & Programs
sexual assault, dating abuse, domestic violence, trauma
Wellness Programs for Youth
education, workshops, groups
Parent & Caregiver Resources
education & workshops
Resource & Referral Support
family/health advocate or resource navigator
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