Form: volunteer opportunities

 SANTA BARBARA COUNTY ORGANIZATIONS are invited to fill out the form below and SHARE their volunteer and internship opportunities for youth and families.

  • We will share the list with students and families on our VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES page.
  • We also invite you to do a blog post and share in more details about student volunteer and internship opportunities with your organization.
  • We host a Wellness Workshop 1x a year with a panel of 20 organizations that are invited to share about their volunteer opportunities. view 2023 workshop >
  • Contact us if you have questions.


Contact name of volunteer coordinator or the best person to talk to at your org?
Contact phone of volunteer coordinator or the best person to talk to at your org?
Contact email of volunteer coordinator or the best person to talk to at your org?
Please put a direct link to your volunteer page if you have one.
Wellness Workshop - Panelist(Required)
Would your org be interested in being on a virtual workshop panel? 1-2x year, YouthWell hosts a virtual workshop for students (ages 12-25) and their parents to learn about volunteer opportunities in SB COUNTY. These workshops are recorded so that other students can access after the workshop. If yes, we will reach out to when we set the date for the workshop to see if you would like to have a staff member participate. View last workshop...


What area of SB COUNTY does your org serve where people can volunteer?
What are the age ranges that individual can volunteer?
Do you have internships for students?
What type of commitment is needed? Check all that apply.
Provide an overall description of broad volunteer opportunities in your organization - you do not need to list everything Overview of the tasks involved in the volunteer opportunity. Are they volunteer or internship opportunities? If you have multiple opportunities... consider doing something like this... -Office help - help us with mailings, events, data entry, calls, letters, etc. -Serve on a committee -Social media -Special events -Summer internships
Is there anything special that volunteers need to know? Is there an orientation? Only certain days of the week volunteers can come (ie: not on weekends)? Background checks required?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.