Carpinteria Unified School District

Carpinteria Unified School District

The Carpinteria Unified School District, in partnership with the community and parents, believes that all students can learn and are capable of being successful in our diverse society. We are committed to providing a quality educational program in a caring, positive environment which promotes self-esteem and mutual respect. CUSD provides comprehensive child and adolescent mental health services that are child and family centered, culturally sensitive, and strengths based. Services are offered at schools and in the community to ensure greatest access.


Focuses on prevention, early identification or mental health issues, and interventions that promote social-emotional functioning, raise achievement, increase attendance and improve behavior. We also offer district virtual wellness resources and opportunities to encourage students, families, and staff to practice self-care in collaboration with community partners.

On campus...

  • AHA! monthly trainings for staff and students;
  • AHA! parent education nights (fall/spring);
  • AHA! social skills curriculum (grades 7/8); 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens;
  • AHA! after school program;
  • Mental Wellness Center - Mental Health Matters Curriculum (grade 6);
  • Mental Wellness Center Wellness Connection Clubs (CMS/CHS);
  • School-based mental health therapists at all school sites (FSA & CADA);
  • School counselors and psychologists at all school sites;
  • CADA parent program;
  • Family Resource Center at Carpinteria Children's Project;
  • Hospice of Santa Barbara
Levels of Care
prevention & wellness, treatment & intervention (mild to moderate), treatment & intervention (moderate to severe), recovery & aftercare
Counseling Services
therapists, psychologists
Therapeutic Specialties
telehealth counseling
Wellness Programs for Youth
buffering services, mentoring, youth leadership development, other
Parent & Caregiver Resources
support groups, therapy-counseling, parenting classes
Resource & Referral Support
family/health advocate or resource navigator
Waiting List
School-Based Services & Programs
preschool, K-6, junior high, high school
Fee for Services
FREE services.
1400 Linden Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013
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