Transitioning home after treatment

Helpful books...

Not by Chance: How Parents Boost Their Teen's Success In and After Treatment
By Tim Thayne

The Road Home: A Guide for Parents with Teens or Young Adults Returning from Treatment
By Ruben Jimenez

Family Coach...

Hiring a family coach/mentor can be a great support when teens who have been in a residential program are transitioning back home.

  • Continuing Care: Coaches are trained to support families in transition and offer practical direction and help set realistic expectations and come up with a concrete plan of action.
  • Family Coach: This is often an intensive service that focuses on reducing unmanageable behaviors that are currently impacting the teen’s functioning at home or school. The coach helps the teen learn new ways of reducing and managing behaviors and increase positive behaviors and coping skills. Parents are taught how to effectively manage the behaviors and support their teen. Meetings typically take place in the home so the coach can see the teen in their natural environment where the challenging behaviors usually occur. Coaches provide modeling, structure, support and behavioral interventions based on the teen and family’s abilities, interests, and strengths.

Support Services...

  • Coyote Coast
    Designed to provide therapeutic support services to teens and families experiencing emotional, behavioral, and substance-related difficulties. Mentoring along with parent coaching helps families create a plan for troubled at home, at risk teens as well as extremely helpful in supporting the entire family when transitioning your teen back home from a program.
  • Homeward Bound
    Created to fill the gap between out-of-home treatment programs and the realities of home life or independent living and quickly discovered that the processes were highly successful when used as a preventative measure as well. They believes that every family can benefit greatly from the practical and customized education, coaching, and real-time support that they can provide.
  • VIVE: Family Support Program
    Works to heal troubled kids and family relationships and are often called upon by parents who are experiencing a chaotic or turbulent time in their families. Vive supports young people and their families who find themselves struggling with a difficult transition or life event, or who are experiencing mild to moderate emotional issues.
  • 360 Program
    360 helps adolescents and young adults successfully transition from treatment to home, college, or independence. It provides the family with wrap-around support to help parents as skills are transferred from treatment to the real-world setting.