Survey... COVID-19 Benefits vs. Challenges List

COVID-19 has brought CHALLENGES as our country has gone into shelter-in-place. Businesses and schools are closed. Graduations and other special events that people have looked forward to are being canceled. are canceled. People are confined to their homes. Many are sick with the virus. And others have anxiety over the changes to their life as well as the fear of getting sick.

There have also been SILVER LININGS that many have begun to experience as they adapt to the changes in their day to day life.... finding new ways to connect with family and friends, a slower pace that is allowing them to try new things at home or finally have time to take walks or exercise, etc...

SHARE YOUR CHALLENGES AND ALSO THE BENEFITS THAT HAVE BEEN GAINED THROUGH THIS EXPERIENCE. Come back as often as like to submit new things that come to mind. We can all benefit from learning from each other. Click to VIEW & READ... Survey Responses >>

And let's change the phrase social distancing to... physical distancing because we want to make sure we are all finding ways to make social connections during this time.

Make a difference...

If you are interested in finding out how to give back during this time or if you know of someone who could benefit from some kindness... please check out the YouthWell COMPASSION PROJECT page and connect with us.

The Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade has volunteer opportunities.

Support seniors through Community Partners in Caring. They need food dropped-up.

Visit the SB Foundation, ways to help page to learn where you can give back.

Zoomers to Boomers are local students that have created a way to support those who need their groceries brought to them.

Be inspired after watching this video, Rooted in Love

DONATE to the 805 Undocufund to assist local undocumented immigrant individuals and families who are excluded from federally funded safety net programs; that have been economically impacted by the coronavirus.

Help your community Safely Volunteer, with COVID-19, CA.Gov. Print IDEAS >


Youth mental health and wellness resources in Santa Barbara as well as a list of helpful articles and books.


SB County Public Health COVID-19 public information portal & updates

The Resource Project has local SB resources & COVID-19 tips for the community.

SBCC Well's "Staying-in Self-Care Kit"

SBCC Well's Alternative Spring Break Guide

Education Resources for students learning at home while the schools are closed.

Online RECOVERY Meetings at In The Rooms 

CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention has up to date information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and information on why it is so important to flatten the curve and slow the virus.


Tips, Practical Strategies to Help Young People Face Anxiety

Article, Coronavirus: Mental Health Coping Strategies

Article, How to Talk To Kids About Coronavirus

Article, Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19