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Behavioral Health Linkages Team

Convene monthly to educate 40+ resource navigators, probation officers, local crisis lines, and school counselors so that they are better equipped to support families. If you would like to join the monthly meetings, contact Elise at and we can add you to our email distribution. Hosted by YouthWell, SBC BWell, SBCEO

meeting calendar

Behavioral Health Linkages Team Monthly Meeting Calendar


  • Jan 20 - 12PM-1:30PM on Zoom
  • Feb 24 - 12PM-1:30PM on Zoom
  • Mar 17 - 12PM-1:30PM on Zoom
  • April 21 - 12PM-1:30PM on Zoom
  • May 19 - 12PM-1:30PM on Zoom

about BHLT


Mission: Build stronger health linkages in order to foster “warm handoffs” and close the loop when referrals are made to ensure youth and caregivers access services. Increase responsible outreach to our marginalized and vulnerable communities. Share referral experiences and learn from each other. Collect anecdotal data to better understand the barriers and challenges to accessing services.

Hosted by YouthWell, SBC BWell, SBCEO

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directory & calendar

If you are trying to add an event to the community calendar or add your listing to the resource directory, please visit our CONTACT US page for instructions.

Community Collaborative

60 partnering agencies in Santa Barbara County convene quarterly including school districts, community-based organizations, providers, healthcare, law enforcement, faith communities, and caregivers. Email if you are interested in joining the YouthWell Collaborative.

meeting calendar

Community Collaborative Quarterly Meeting Calendar


  • January 30, 2023 - 12pm-1:30pm on Zoom

about collaborative


Vision: Increase youth mental health prevention and early intervention efforts. Work towards systemic change that encourages collaboration so that we can fill the gaps and remove barriers to services for all youth and their families so that they can access the care they need in a timely manner through a warm handoff.

Mission: Prioritize prevention, and early intervention (PEI). Eliminate stigma through education and provide tools and tips for managing mental wellness and practicing self-care in order to build resilience. Simplify access and connect youth through age 25 and their families to mental health resources before the crisis.

meeting recordings


  • contact if you would like access to a past meeting recording.

are you hiring

PARTNERS, Is your organization or school district HIRING or looking for VOLUNTEERS or INTERNS in the mental health area?
If yes, please FILL OUT FORM so we can help get the word out to people in Santa Barbara County.

directory & calendar

If you are trying to add an event to the community calendar or add your listing to the resource directory, please visit our CONTACT US page for instructions.

Partner form

Partners, We need each organization, school, or government agency to fill out the form for 2023. 


VIEW 2022-23 PARTNER COMMITMENT LETTER [plus blank invoice, W9, list of YouthWell programs]


Partner Benefits: Quarterly meetings, and connection to other members in order to improve communication and transparency amongst our organizations. Inclusion in the online Youth & Family Mental Health and Wellness Resource Directory and Community Calendar, inclusion if appropriate on printed Resource Flyer, opportunity for your organization’s programs/events to be spotlighted on YouthWell social media and in newsletters, participation in monthly community workshops. YouthWell will work with organizations on supporting their grant applications when it is appropriate.


Partner Commitment 2023

This form is for YouthWell Community Collaborative partners.

"*" indicates required fields

Non Profit, Business, Agency, or School Name
Please select the areas that your organization serves in Santa Barbara County
Please specify what level of care your organization addresses. (schools can choose prevention)


Our organization/school is committed to the vision, goals, and objectives and being an active PARTNER of the YouthWell Community Collaborative.

We will continue to work together towards systemic change to eliminate stigma, fill the gaps, and remove barriers to services so that all youth and their families can access the care they need in a timely manner through a warm handoff.

We prioritize prevention and early intervention with the goal of connecting youth through age 25 and families in Santa Barbara County to mental health resources.
The Community Collaborative meets quarterly. We ask that partnering organizations send a leader from your organization to attend. A leader in our organization (ie: CEO/Superintendent) will attend quarterly meetings, and respond in a timely way to email communication.
In order to increase communication and awareness, we will do our best to keep YouthWell updated on our organization’s related activities so that they can be promoted in the community.

We will disseminate relevant information (ie: workshops, promoting resource directory & calendar) to staff, board members, families, and community members connected to our organization.
Our organization/school is committed to keeping our information up to date in the online Resource Directory and adding our classes and trainings to the Community Calendar. We understand this benefits families, school counselors, and resource navigators in accessing information more quickly.


We ask that each partner make a financial contribution to the work of the collaborative. We do not want a financial reason to keep any organization from joining so please contact us if this is a hardship.

To show our commitment, our organization agrees to pay a YouthWell Community Collaborative membership contribution for 2023.


-$2,500 Youth Mental Health Leader (non-profit, business, government agency)
-$1,000 10+ employees (non-profit, business, gov't agency)
-$500 4-9 employees (non-profit, business, gov't agency)
-$150 1-3 employees (non-profit, business, gov't agency) SUGGESTED AMOUNTS [SCHOOLS]:


-$2,500 Youth Mental Health Leader
-$1,500 School District with 10,000+ students
-$1,000 School District with 5,000+ students
-$500 School District with 1,000+ students
-$250 School District or Independent Schools with 1-900 students

Do you need an invoice emailed to you in order to submit for payment? (As an option, we have provided a blank invoice on this page that you can fill in the amount and print. You can also print our W9.)

Make check payable to: Community Partners for YouthWell
Mail check to:

Community Partners,
P. O. Box 741265, Los Angeles, CA 90074-1265


Each year, we want to check in with our partners to ensure we are working together towards common goals. We also want to learn how we can better support your organization or school district. We welcome your input. WE WANT YOUR INPUT...
1. in order to understand how the Collaborative can support the priorities of your organization
2. on how we utilize the time at our quarterly meetings to make them productive.

Please check the top priorities for your org/school being a partner. Is it the information learned from the meetings? Is it the resources YouthWell provides to support your staff and families in educating families about services?
Please specify the LEVEL OF CARE your org/school is most often needing for the youth that you serve.
What would improve or add to quarterly meetings that would benefit you & your organization and work you do with youth?
What does your organization see as a benefit of their partnership with the Community Collaborative?

What are the strengths of the Collaborative and where could we improve? **If you are new to the collaborative, feel free to skip this question.
What kind of support would benefit you going forward from the COLLABORATIVE and in partnering in the future to support the work you are doing around youth mental health?


CEO/, Executive Directory, Superintendent, or director that will be attending quarterly meetings and staying informed with the work of the collaborative.
Email of CEO/, Executive Directory, Superintendent, or director.
Direct phone number of CEO/, Executive Directory, Superintendent, or director.
Please put the name of the person filling out this form.