Therapist: Debra Dalton Stein

Therapist: Debra Dalton Stein
Therapist specializing in Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD).
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ADHD, ADD, anxiety, bipolar, depression, eating disorders, OCD, self-harm, self-injury
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Helping people recover from OCD and Anxiety related disorders is my passion. My goal is to teach my clients the best evidence-based tools they need to recover so they can pursue those things in life that bring them meaning and joy. CBT is considered a short term therapy (under 20 sessions). Most clients feel some improvement in 10 sessions.

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Carpinteria, Santa Barbara-Goleta, Santa Ynez Valley, Lompoc, Santa Maria & Guadalupe
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