Hosford Counseling Clinic at UCSB

Hosford Counseling Clinic at UCSB
The Hosford Counseling and Psychological Services Clinic at UCSB provides low-cost psychotherapy, counseling, and assessment services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.
Levels of Care
prevention & wellness, treatment & intervention
Counseling Services
therapists, psychologists, psychiatrist, associate (intern) therapists
Therapeutic Specialties
telehealth counseling
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Parent & Caregiver Resources
Overview of Programs & Services

Contact: Dyan Wirt - dyanwirt@ucsb.edu

General Outpatient Clinic: Psychotherapy and counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. Services are available for a wide range of issues including anxiety, grief, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, stress, school adjustment, life transitions, parenting issues, and family conflict.

Healing Center @ Hosford: The Healing Center is a specialty clinic that provides psychological services to Black-Identifying clients of all ages. In addition to general stressors and life issues, the Healing Center acknowledges the effects of racial trauma, marginalization, and injustice. All services are provided by Black therapists who have an interest in culturally-competent care.

Trauma, Adversity, Resilience, and Prevention Clinic (TARP): Adverse and traumatic experiences influence our physical, mental, and emotional health and shape our neurobiology. As the world faces increasing stress and uncertainty, TARP offers a trauma-informed approach to take into account clients’ experiences, contexts, and cultures, and shift the focus from ‘what is wrong with you?’ to ‘what happened to you?’ Our trauma program focuses on building strengths and resilience, changing patterns and intergenerational cycles, and identifying pathways for healing and recovery.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Clinic (PCIT): PCIT is an evidence-based treatment backed by over 30 years of research for children ages 2 to 7 who have challenging behaviors. PCIT teaches parents and other caregivers how to enhance their relationship with their child, increase positive behaviors in children, and reduce problem behaviors in home, school, and public places. PCIT therapists work with the caregiver and child together to improve child behavior and reducing parenting stress. PCIT is available for a sliding scale fee.

Mind and Behavior Assessment Clinic (MBAC): The MBAC provides individuals of Santa Barbara county and surrounding areas a low-cost option to quality, comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, which studies the brain’s involvement in processes such as thinking, feeling, understanding, reading, and more. We assess these brain-implicated processes by conducting comprehensive cognitive, executive functioning, academic, personality, social-emotional, and behavioral assessments. Results of these assessments provides us information regarding an individual’s challenges and strengths. Our assessment reports include specific recommendations that empower individuals to address their area of concern.

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Fee for services., Offer sliding-scale., We don't take insurance.
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Hosford Clinic; Education Building, University of California, Santa Barbara, 93106-9490
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